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SonarQube is an Open Source tool to measure and analysis the quality of the source code. The SonarQube tool and its plugins are written in Java, it support more than 20 programming language to code quality analysis. We can use the SonarQube in jenkins to Continous Integration.

Install Docker on Ubuntu

Install Docker on CentOs7

Install Docker-compose

Note-: In case docker-compose compose still not working use the below command.

Create a docker-compose.yml for SonarQube

Use the below Command to start and deploy the docker-compose file.

It will pull the sonarqube, postgres and adminer images from It will create container on the machine. The SonarQube data and postgres data will be mounted on your machine.

Now Visit to http://localhost:9000 or http://hostip:9000

The default SonarQube Username Password is admin/admin

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