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Use Machine to run Docker containers

To run a Docker container, you:

  • create a new (or start an existing) Docker virtual machine
  • switch your environment to your new VM
  • use the docker client to create, load, and manage containers

Once you create a machine, you can reuse it as often as you like. Like any VirtualBox VM, it maintains its configuration between uses.

The examples here show how to create and start a machine, run Docker commands, and work with containers.

How to manage Docker-machine ?

To list docker-machine follow the below command

Create a machine

To create new docker-machine-:

Get the environment commands for your new VM.

As noted in the output of the docker-machine create command, you need to tell Docker to talk to the new machine. You can do this with thedocker-machine env command.

Connect your shell to the new machine.

To connect with docker-machine via ssh

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