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Install Magento2 on Centos 7 with httpd, apache, mysql-server, phpmyadmin .

admin/ April 9, 2016/ Linux, Magento2/ 0 comments

How to install Magento2 (M2) on centos7/REHL/Fedora ? There are few easy steps to install Magento 2(M2) on Centos Distro. Step 1-: First of all we need to add few EPEL repositories for the php5.6, mysql-server5.6, and phpmyadmin. # EPEL Repository for php5.6 $ rpm -iUvh $ rpm -iUvh # EPEL Repository for mysql-server5.6 $rpm -iUvh #

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If magento2 url’s or admin url is not working ?

admin/ April 6, 2016/ Linux, Magento2/ 1 comments

If Magento 2 internal links are not working. If you are using like below url. http://localhost/magento2/ There is simple two steps solutions. Step1-: Open .htaccess file nano /var/www/html/magento2/.htaccess Step2-: Uncomment the line #RewriteBase /magento/ to RewriteBase /magento2/ Save the file. It will work. 🙂

If CSS and Javascript files are not loading after Magento 2 installation

admin/ April 5, 2016/ Linux, Magento2/ 4 comments

If you are facing problem of css and js page load design after installation in magento2 please follow the following step-: open the terminal and navigate to magento web root $ cd /var/www/html/magento2 Step 1. $ php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy Step 2. $ php bin/magento indexer:reindex Step 3. make sure apache “rewrite_module” is enable and then restart the server Step 4.

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How to get admin frontend url/database of the magento2 instance ?

admin/ March 25, 2016/ Linux, Magento2/ 0 comments

To get the admin frontend url or database name. Connect the ftp or connect server using ssh. ssh <username>@<host> $ cd /var/www/html nano app/etc/env.php <?php return array ( ‘backend’ => array ( ‘frontName’ => ‘admin_siodmk’, ), ‘install’ => array ( ‘date’ => ‘Fri, 25 Mar 2016 11:28:15 +0000’, ), ‘crypt’ => array ( ‘key’ => ‘2cb260d52761bd9e933f97562305454d’, ), ‘session’ => array

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How to Change magento2 admin Password ?

admin/ March 25, 2016/ Linux, Magento2/ 0 comments

How to change magento2 admin password? First you need to get to the path of your magento2 instance. $ cd /var/www/html/ Connect with the database using in magento2 instance. Please check the database name at app/etc/env.php. $ nano app/etc/env.php login into mysql using phpmyadmin or any mysql client. Connect mysql with terminal, follow the below commands-: $ mysql -u USERNAME -pPassword

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How to install Magento2 on Ubuntu Server ?

admin/ March 18, 2016/ Linux, Magento2/ 3 comments

Install LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql Php) on Ubuntu Server. Add ppa for the php 5.6 and mysql 5.6. sudo apt-get install -y software-properties-common sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ondrej/php5-5.6 sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ondrej/mysql-5.6 sudo apt-get update Install required packages using below commands. sudo apt-get install -y apache2 php5 php5-mysql php5-mcrypt mysql-server php5-intl php5-xsl php5-gd php5-curl sudo php5enmod mcrypt sudo nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini Find

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