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There are few steps to install Magento2 with nginx on Ubuntu.

Why nginx ?
Nginx has grown in popularity since its release due to its light-weight resource utilization and its ability to scale easily on minimal hardware. Nginx excels at serving static content quickly and is designed to pass dynamic requests off to other software that is better suited for those purposes.
Nginx is often selected by administrators for its resource efficiency and responsiveness under load. Advocates welcome Nginx’s focus on core web server and proxy features.

Step 1-:
Install the require packages.

add the below line bottom of the file or remove the comments quote from php.ini
always_populate_raw_post_data = -1

To install composer on ubuntu 14.04 and above.

To install composer on ubuntu 12.04.

Add the PPA:

Then install with:

Step 2-:
Copy the original default file on nginx .

add the below lines in default file.

Save the default file.

Step 3-:
Checkout the magento2 source code from

Step 4-:
Create Database
Now login to your mysql server with admin privileges and create a database and user for new magento 2 installation.

Step 5-:

Follow the Magento Installer Steps.
Your Magento2 Setup is ready.

http://<server ip/domain name >
http://< localhost >

Schedule Magento2 Cronjobs

Finally schedule the backgound cronjobs for your magento2 installation. These cronjobs does some activities like, re-indexing, Newsletters, Update of currency rates, sending automatic emails and generating sitemaps etc. To schedule these jobs edit crontab file

and add below cronjobs at the end of file and save it.

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