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Install Php-7.0 on Ubuntu Server.

Adding a PPA for PHP 7.0 Packages
A Personal Package Archive, or PPA, is an Apt repository hosted on Launchpad. PPAs allow third-party developers to build and distribute packages for Ubuntu outside of the official channels. They’re often useful sources of beta software, modified builds, and backports to older releases of the operating system.

Ondřej Surý maintains the PHP packages for Debian, and offers a PPA for PHP 7.0 on Ubuntu. Before doing anything else, log in to your system, and add Ondřej’s PPA to the system’s Apt sources:

When ppa successfully installed, update the local package cache to include its contents:

Install the new packages of Php and its modules.

Note-: If you want to upgrade Php7.0, that will remove your older packages.

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