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Magento2 on EC2 instance with Nginx and Varnish Caching server

Here I am going to tell you the steps to install Magento2 on EC2 instance with Nginx and Varnish Caching server.

Few Steps are below tested on Ubuntu EC2 aws instance/VPS.

Step 1-:
Install required packages

Step 2-:
Create a database to install magento2 .

Step 3-:
Varnish server setup.

Default configuration replace from


Check default.vcl file port


Step 4-:
Configure the nginx site-available default config.

Open the file

Paste the below content into new default file.

Step 5-:
Install Magento 2.0.4

If error comes like below-:

Login here

Click on “My Account” on right top.


Magento Securekey

Use the Public key as UserName and Private Key as Password.

Step 6-:
After install all dependencies by composer install command.
Change the required permission

Open the Web Browser ( Chrome, Firefox etc)

Follow the Magento2 installation Steps.

Schedule Magento2 Cronjobs
Finally schedule the backgound cronjobs for your magento2 installation. These cronjobs does some activities like, re-indexing, Newsletters, Update of currency rates, sending automatic emails and generating sitemaps etc. To schedule these jobs edit crontab file

and add below cronjobs at the end of file and save it.


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