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Ubuntu LTS 16.04 an opensource operating system which comes with long-term support(LTS).
To install Magento2 on Ubuntu 16.04 with Php7.0, Mysql-5.6, Apache 2.4.

Below are the few steps-:

Step 1-: Install required packages for Magento2 deployment.

Open the apache2.conf file and AllowOverride all for Directory permission.

Like below-:

Make changes from


Restart the Apache2 server.

Step 2-: Download the Magento2 code from github or git clone using below.

if composer prompt for authentication like below-:

Login here

Click on “My Account” on right top.

Use the Public key as UserName and Private Key as Password.

Step 3-:After install all dependencies by composer install command.
Change the required permission

Open the Web Browser ( Chrome, Firefox etc)

Follow the Magento2 installation Steps.

Step 4-: Schedule Magento2 Cronjobs
Finally schedule the backgound cronjobs for your magento2 installation. These cronjobs does some activities like, re-indexing, Newsletters, Update of currency rates, sending automatic emails and generating sitemaps etc. To schedule these jobs edit crontab file

and add below cronjobs at the end of file and save it.

Step 5-: If Magento2 admin through error 404.
Open .htaccess file

Uncomment the line


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