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This post for install LAMP server on Ubuntu.

What is LAMP stacks ?

A high-level overview of LAMP’s building blocks and overall system environment, displayed here in combination with optionally used web caches.

The Software stack solution introducing web services using LAMP, L stands that Linux Operation system, A stands that Apache http server, M stands that MySql server and P stands that php programming Language.

The below steps for LAMP Stacks.

1. Ubuntu 16.0.4
2. Apache 2.4
3. MySql 5.7
4. Php 7.0

Step 1-: Install Php-7.0
The php Programming stable version is 7.0, the Ubuntu 16.04 already exists the repository for php-7.0.


Step 2-: Install apache2.4
The Apache http server latest release Apache-2.4, to execute the php on apache http server requires the module libapache2-mod-php.


Step 3-: Install MySql-Server-5.7


Step 4-: Restart and test the LAMP server.

Step 5- Verify the LAMP server.


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