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Docker-machine create machine on Cloud (DigitalOcean)

Docker-machine allows you to manage the docker machines (VMs) using your local system weather VMs on AWS, Digitalocean, etc.

Here, I am going to tell you how to create the docker machine on digitalocean.

Step1-: Install the docker-machine in your local system using below command.

Step 2-: Generate the digitalocean api token to access the digitalocean account using the docker-machine.

a) Login the

b) Click on the “API” tab on the menu bar

c) Click on the “Generate New Token” button on the right.

Step 3-: Use the below command to create the docker-machine.

Note-: Paste the digitalocean token where the double quote without double quote and make sure the you have enabled the Port 2376 on your localsystem or Server.


Step 4-: Setup the docker environment using below command-:

Now you have successfully created the docker-machine on the digitalocean cloud.

To check the docker machine. use docker-machine ls command.


To connect the docker machine using docker-machine command.

Use the docker-machine name in place of docker-sandbox

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